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Maria Thieme & Supervision


Maria Bento-Thieme

Skype – maria.thieme2

Affordable fees

Regular weekly sessions at £50 per hour. This can be discussed and negotiated at the initial appointment.


Oxshott KT22


  • UKCP Accredited Therapist
  • BSC in Psychology
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Therapist)
  • BSFT (Brief Solution Focused Therapy)
  • DIT (Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy)
  • DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapist)
  • Neuropsychology

These are all theoretical approaches which deal with trauma, anxiety and depression.

About my work

My experience began with managing a Community Mental Health Home in Surbiton for four years and then the Star and Garter Home in Richmond Hill for eight years as part of the medical team.

In 1994 I took over the running of the Richmond Counselling and Psychotherapy Service. My role is to supervise the therapists, interview therapists for placements, deal with the finances and assess new clients.

My intention

My intention is to provide a confidential and accessible psychological intervention at an affordable rate. I like to integrate various theoretical approaches. Originally using transpersonal and humanistic broadly exploratory talking therapy and lately some focused work. My training was influenced by the Psychoanalytical (post Freudians) and Transpersonal (Jungian) theories. I like to integrate the findings in neuropsychology and relational psychology.

What is therapy?

Oxshott Therapy Room

Therapy is a place where you unravel and try to make sense of what feels overwhelming or puzzling. It’s a space where you can re-think the narrative you are accustomed to use. I like to invite you to this transitional space where you can sort out what is valuable to you from the inside out.

Coronavirus – changes in the way we are working

In light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak affecting many people in many ways, we are taking the necessary steps to protect both our clients and ourselves, by conducting all counselling and psychotherapy sessions via telephone, video calls and more recently in person.

Childhood home.

Group Supervision


The aim of this group supervision is to provide the ethical frame for trained therapists to have a forum where they can explore their work in a nourishing environment, with peers that share a similar calibre of knowledge and vibrancy.

The intention is to create a group of open-minded experienced and resourceful therapists who will enrich their work by having regular contact, which is provided at no cost to the trainee as part of their placement.

This also way complies with the ethical requirements for supervision from our regulatory professional bodies.

Group Supervision Profile

Since 1994 I have been running group supervision for training therapists as well as experienced therapists. My approach is an integration of the psycho-dynamic and humanistic thinking, and as such incorporating short-term theories such as brief solution focus, human givens and cognitive-behavioural. The groups are supervisor-led with input from all involved and the main focus is on clinical material and at times self-development, and support.

Group Supervision Fees

£50.00 per hour for individual sessions. 

£30.00 for two hours of group supervision. Free at the RCPS.

4-5 individuals maximum

Member Organisations

UKCP – United Kingdom for Counselling and Psychotherapy

CTP – Centre for Transpersonal Psychology BPS – British Psychological Society.

2021 Study Group Dates – contact Maria Thieme for further information.

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